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Supervisor:Bill Volleberg Weighbridge Clerk:Ellen Bartley
Phone:02 6954 4182 Coordinator:Bill Volleberg
Mobile:0428 418486 Coordinator Phone:0428 418 486
Site Safety Contact: Kellie Close Ph: 0427 939129
Opening Hours:

Depot Receiving:
Sherpa Max Moisture: 22.0%
Reiziq Max Moisture: 22.0%
YRM70 Max Moisture: 22.0%
Topaz Max Moisture: 22.0%
Langi Max Moisture: 22.0%
is_open: True result_OK: True
Trucks On Site (as of 1 month ago):
Trucks Awaiting Testing1
Trucks Awaiting Weigh-in0
Trucks Awaiting Unload0
Total Trucks On Site1

Please ensure you are aware of Depot Safety requirements and your responsibility to deliver in compliance with Chain of Responsibility legislation (see C2017 Harvest Arrangements Circular)

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